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What day and time can I arrive and depart? 


3 day retreat start days   are  Friday and Mondays.  Our program begins at 10 am on those mornings  at the Centre. This allows enough time for  participants to drive from Perth. (allow 3 1/2 hours for the drive) Departure is Sunday around 3pm - once again allowing ample time for the leisurely drive back to Perth.


Recommended packing list: 


Nearly all of your time is spent at the Fitness Centre  so bring  enough of your normal gym clothes for your stay.  For those on longer  term stays a guest laundry is available. Bring some warmer clothing in winter months as  night-time temperatures can be as low as 2 degrees Celsius.. Day-time winter temperatures are usually a very comfortable 16 – 22 degrees Celsius. We provide towels for showers  and sauna. Bring your bathers if you feel more comfortable (sauna) in them, although most sauna treatments are individual.

How do I prepare for my stay?


At  this retreat, we do not  dictate what our guests can or cannot do. Mobile phones and electronic devices are permitted. Our (free) juice and coffee  and fruit  bar is available at all times.

What is included in the program? 

Our retreats include:



  • All meals

  • Unlimited access to all gym Facilities and Classes

  • All training and Therapy fees

  • All gym fees and/or Sports Fees

  • Dietary advice and lifestyle advice

  • Water, Juice, fruit and vegetable smoothies  and coffee  bar

Our  professional staff will provide excellent advice and will accompany you on each stage of your health and fitness journey based on your personal  requirements and fitness profile.


Accommodation is motel style with all mod cons.  This accommodation is clean and functional and helps keep costs at an affordable level. Set amongst the serenity of the quintessential Australian bush  and wide open spaces  Fitness + Therapy is  a  truly unique experience.


Our kitchen can provide all individual meal requirements. In line with our philosophy our menu is simple yet elegant.  We will contact you with regard to your dietary requirements and menus.



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