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Weight Loss




50 +


FITNESS RETREATS: Our Fitness Retreat provides a full programme of fitness and fitness training for all levels from beginner to elite. Learn more >

WEIGHT LOSS RETREATS: Our weight loss programs are based on the philosophy of eating correctly and exercising sufficiently. To this end we offer programs that emphasize lifestyle  choices. Learn more >

YOGA RETREATS: Yoga Fitness Therapy  Experience is a full programme  of Yoga combined  with  a variety of  therapeutic and cultural experiences   that make this retreat a truly unique experience. Learn more >



Fitness Therapy 50 + is more than just a Retreat!

We offer  a program that includes opportunities for guests to experience a glimpse of life in a  Wheatbelt town.   Our local guides will show you many interesting places in our town including Co-operative Bulk Handling grain facility, Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, Merredin WW2 Military Hospital site, Windfarm and Solar Farm plus a  beautiful Wheatbelt Sunset  (when possible) and more!!

Join a local Aboriginal tour guide to visit some significant sites and undertake a cultural  tour  to learn about the rich Aboriginal history of this region.


A full programme  of  exercise  classes  tailored to suit older guests. 

Every hour at each of our retreats is fully programmed with each active session immediately followed by a therapeutic session that relaxes, rejuvenates, aids recuperation and prepares you for your next session.

Our highly qualified team of personal trainers will totally immerse you in activities throughout the 3 day retreat.

Our classes and therapies are almost guaranteed to help you achieve your health, fitness and weight-loss goals.


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